7 reasons for the growing popularity of low-code development today

No-code and Low-code development are already gradually taking market share away from traditional coding. This is clearly evidenced by the numbers.

This article will be about numbers and only numbers.

The online resource Field Technologie Sonline reports that Low-code and No-code development will occupy 30% of the IT development market in the United States in 2019.

As shown by surveys of developers and consumers of IT products 20% of various applications were developed using No-code constructors and another 10% using Low-code solutions (a combination of constructor and coding) in 2019. It means that a third of the IT products created in the USA in 2019 were made either via No-code constructors or via combination No-code tools and programming languages.

What drove No-coding to such a rapid increase in the States?

Specialized resources and think tanks marked the following factors:

1) According to 451 Research, nearly 60% of all custom applications are now created outside of the IT department of large companies. This means that IT development of new products is outsourced to third-party companies. In the course of this process, a tender procedure always takes place, during which the customer company chooses the best offer in terms of: price, production efficiency and product quality.

2) 451 Research gives a calibrated estimate of the size of the IT development market with data from Field Technologie Sonline. About 30% of IT products are created by studios or freelancers with limited or no programming skills.

3) According to social surveys among IT professionals, which were based on identifying their financial expectations from the results of their profession, 42% of developers would like to provide their customers with 10 or more applications per year. It is a number that 42% of specialists consider acceptable to meet their financial needs. However, the average development time for these applications is five months or more, which hardly allows IT professionals to meet the target.

4) According to the Mendix resource, 24% of users of No-code services had no experience in any development at all. And 40% of No-coders have a business education.

5) Further, Mendix cites data according to which 70% of today's Low / No-code developers have learned to use No-code constructors in 1 month or less. "Easy use" is the most spread (25%) positive characteristic among no-coders to describe No-code platforms (AIMultiple).

6) According to the AppSheet resource, 80% of large companies speak positively about the work of Low / No-code studios as an option to help the IT department of the company. Company IT departments have the ability to perform higher priority tasks by freeing up time.

7) Gartner has estimated the profitability of the global low-code development market at $ 10 billion in 2019.
It also predicted that the profitability from Low-code development will grow by 31% per year, and by 2030 the global market for No-code platforms will generate revenue of $ 187 billion.

These data clearly demonstrate the prospects for the development of Low/No-code development in the USA. And since the States are the locomotive of the IT sphere, it is possible to assume that the expansion of No and Low-code development around the world will proceed steadily and rapidly.

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