4 reasons why Low-code programming is suitable for everyone

1. Cheaper An IT product developed using Low-code solutions is 40-50% cheaper than an analogue written in code. Do you want to create an online school with a personal account for students and teachers? Instead of $ 25,000, it will cost you about $ 3,500.

2. Faster Development using Low-code solutions is 3-4 times faster than with traditional coding. During the time that programmers write your site in code, you can already make the first proceeds.

3. A painless opportunity to test a hypothesis. There is a desire to create a new product, but you are not sure that it will work? Save money and time by creating an MVP and test your hypothesis among target audience focus groups.

4. Lots of built-in integrations. Now-code tools have many integration tools via API. Want to embed a payment system on your site, synchronize the site with a CRM system, install a chat bot on your site. This can be done by simply clicking the "Connect" button. For cooperation, click on the Visit the web-site button or write us here, contact us and tell about your problem!

Sinneo is a low-code development studio. If you want to launch business quckly and minimizing your financial costs, you can order the development of a website, mobile and web application, crm systems, task tracker, social network and other IT products from us.

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