2 target audience who need Low-code programming
STARTUPS. As a rule, beginners often have no money to create a strong product. For them, the ideal solution is to create their product either entirely on the No-code tools, or on the No-code tools + a little additional code. This allows them to create an MVP (minimum viable product) in the shortest possible time and at relatively lower financial costs, test it in a focus group, and then, if it's successful, improve by introducing more complex development.

ANYONE IN GENERAL Indeed, it suits both for a small local entrepreneur and for a multi-million dollar company. Why so? There is no secret that people live by the principle of optimization through simplification: we always want to scale and develop our business and earn more money with less resourses spendings. If you are a business owner, this question is for you. What do you prefer: to give an order to IT specialists to write code for the software you need, loosing many hours for doing other work, or to give your task to an outsourced visual programming studio, that will save a lot of time and effort for you and your IT specialists? For cooperation, click on the Visit the web-site button or write us here, contact us and tell about your problem!

Sinneo is a low-code development studio. If you want to launch business quckly and minimizing your financial costs, you can order the development of a website, mobile and web application, crm systems, task tracker, social network and other IT products from us.

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