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WOW-Bouquet is an online store where users can buy different sorts of sweets and chocolate bouquets and order the delivery to a mentioned adress in UAE.


Web application development
No-code tools
Bubble, Figma

3 weeks


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Understanding the problem
In fact, there was no problem - the customer turned to us with a request to implement an online store for the sale of candy bouquets. This demand can be seen among expats living in the UAE, who are in the habit of using such services. A Research conducted by our customer showed that:

- People in UAE need some platform / online store where they can buy different kinds of candy and chocolate bouquets.

- They need an option of an online payment.

- They also need an option to have delivery to any location in UAE with booking a time and date.
Defining the MVP
As a result of the research, we identified the following key user requirements for a Minimum Viable Product:

- Not a huge catalog. Thus to test how strongly users are motivated to buy different bouquets, there would be created a store with 20-30 positions.

- An Admin panel for a customer. After understanding the users demand and getting a feedback from them our customer should have an opportunity to create some new positions in the catalog.

- An option to users to leave a feedback. In order to improve the unique selling proposition, understand what products are in demand and what are not, what products customers would like to see in the store, how to improve customer service, and in general to conduct a CustDev of the online store, several windows for leaving reviews will be created. There will be separate reviews for goods, separate reviews for the store.

- Detelized booking of the delivery. Since the UAE is a small country, and there is little such offer on the market, there should be an option for delivery throughout the country. To do this, a dropdown will be implemented to select the city where you want to deliver the bouquet. Among other things, a modern person is a rather busy and energetic unit that reverently manages his time. To make the reception of goods as comfortable as possible for customers, the option to select the date and time when the goods need to be delivered will be implemented.

- Discounts and promo codes. To popularize the product, our client needs to conduct various affiliate programs. To do this, the Admin panel has created a functionality for generating discount promotional codes, where the Admin can create promotional codes, set its duration and face value, which will then be transferred to various bloggers and influencers.
For the mobile native version, a number of points for improvements and corrections were received from the customer, while we had to build the web version from the very beginning, based on the idea of how the mobile version should look correctly.
Based on this, a work plan was drawn up to create a web version.

Work plan

First week
1. Creation of a prototype of an online store
2. Drawing design

Second week
1. Main page
2. All products page
3. Single product page (with similar products)
4. Personal account
5. Featured Products
6. Shopping cart
7. When ordering, indicate where to deliver + add the calculation of the cost of delivery depending on the distance
8. When ordering, the function "add a postcard" + text to the postcard

Third week
1. Corporate order - quantity discount
2. The role of the administrator
3. Admin office
4. Create a product
5. Edit product
6. Table of orders + "done" button
7. Widget with the option "write to WhatsApp"
8. Adaptation of screens for mobile devices
Working process
The key requirement of the customer was the ability to multifunctionally improve and scale the product. For this reason, the Bubble No-code constructor was chosen as a working tool - because, potentially, its functionality is almost limitless.

Results and takeaways
Some key takeaways are that:

Focus on building an MVP. In a startup, there is only so much time and effort that you can invest so it's important to focus on the features that can deliver the highest value for your users.

Don't worry too much about the detail. Earlier in our journey, Clients made the mistake of worrying about the look of the UI design. Taking a step back and reassessing the user flows helped Clients to reprioritise the UX design. Ofcourse it's necessary to care about Usability, but do not set yourself the goal of reloading the product with various gimmicks.

Focus on the problem. At the end of the day, it is your users pains that you will be solving for so keeping that front of mind is important as it's easy to lose sight of this when you're bogged down in the day to day.

Aware your goal. That is why MVP is called so - Minimum Viable Product. Minimum - uncomplicated but main goals solving. Viable - proves it's necessity and urgency. Product - comlieted self-sufficient. Follow each letter of MVP definition and let it be created the new product.
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