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Manufacturer of environmentally friendly decorative laminate for the production of furniture and interiors.
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4 weeks

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Redesign and development
Initially, the customer came to us with the "pain" associated with the conversion rate of the website. The website was not perceived by users as user friendly, UX / UI design did not lead to the target action.
Our challenge was to redesign it.
Understanding the problem
As time goes on, we've done some mockups of all pages that users will go thought. Mockups were compiled taking into account Webflow's restrictions to a visual design.
There was developed a new design via Sigma to increase Ux/UI.
PC version.
Mob version.
As it use to be on the development stage some nuances and small details were changed in accordance to clients requests. All in all it was done a similar to Figma model design.
That is a first web-site sider. Each slide represents every type of decorative laminate.
In this block there was implemented a video slider with showcases.
The web-site has also been integrated with Instagram - social network posts are dragged into a special feed on the site. Moreover, each new published post on Instagram is automatically displayed on the web-site.
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