Market Data Vendor

Historical market data from all exchanges

Marketdatavendor is a MVP web application. You can download detailed market data through a unified API protocol or as a flat-file with raw data.

Frontend - ReactJS
Backend - Python/Django, DB Postgre, Clickhouse for big data tick storage

12 weeks


Market Data Vendor
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Product Design, Product Development
Understanding the problem
We conducted a workshop with the Client to uncover pains felt by individuals in trading. It was revealed that:

- Lack of a tool with which you can study analytics from different exchanges.

- People want to be able to download and store their exchange data in one place.

- People want tips and advice to improve their trading
Defining the MVP
Based on the research, it turned out that there are similarities in the product vision. We have identified the following key user stories:

- Data from only 2 major exchanges. As part of the MVP, we decided to use data from only a few exchanges to test the idea. In the future, the number of exchanges will increase.

-Data filter for loading. The user will be able to select the most necessary data.

- Data analytics. Comparative analysis of the user's exchange accounts for any period.
Over time, we made several mockups of the main user path before moving on to the desired style. We have developed a simple and clean interface that does not contain unnecessary elements.
1. Registration
2. Profile information
3. Export data from exchange
4. Analyse data from exchange
5. Transaction history and payment plan
Front-end ReactJS Back - Python / Django, DB Postgre and Clickhouse for big data tick storage, wrapped in docker containers.
To provide an intuitive understanding of the structure of the app, we tested the sitemap on site with potential users using what is called tree testing, their corresponding tasks such as "Where would you click if you wanted to save a data?" Based on the testing results, the sitemap has been adjusted accordingly.
Working process
Work plan

First month

Screen prototyping and design (design for app, and logotype).
UX research, creating front-end

Second month

«ack-end and API integration with exchanges and payment system

Third month

«ug checking and tests. Edits, optimisation.
Results and takeaways
Some key takeaways are that:

Focus on building an MVP. In a startup, there is only so much time and effort that you can invest so it's important to focus on the features that can deliver the highest value for your users.

Don't worry too much about the detail. Earlier in our journey, Clients made the mistake of worrying about the look of the UI. Taking a step back and reassessing the user flows helped Clients to reprioritise the UX. Ofcourse it's necessary to care about Usability, but do not set yourself the goal of reloading the product with various gimmicks.

Focus on the problem. At the end of the day, it is your users pains that you will be solving for so keeping that front of mind is important as it's easy to lose sight of this when you're bogged down in the day to day.

Aware your goal. That is why MVP is called so - Minimum Viable Product. Minimum - uncomplicated but main goals solving. Viable - proves it's necessity and urgency. Product - comlieted self-sufficient. Follow each letter of MVP definition and let it be created the new product.

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